Roger Owen PhD Thesis Awards


Paulo Roberto Refachinho de Campos, A New Updated Reference Lagrangian Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Framework for Large Strain Solid Dynamics and its Extension to Dynamic Fracture, Swansea University and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


Tim Hageman, Fracture scale fluid flow models for the simulation of poroelasticity, University of Sheffield

Also best ECCOMAS PhD thesis of 2022


Jinlong Fu, Stochastic characterization, microstructure reconstruction and transport property prediction for porous media, Swansea University


Robert E. Bird, A hp-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for accurate configurational force brittle crack propagation, Durham University


Tingting Zhao, The developments of multi-level computational methodologies for discrete element modelling of granular materials, Swansea University


Daniel Barba Cancho, High temperature deformation creep in Ni-based superalloys: experiments and modelling, University of Oxford


Alex Gansen, Multiscale modelling of anisotropic composite media for EMC applications, Swansea University & Luxembourg Institute of Technology


Rogelio Ortigosa Martínez, On a new variational and computational framework for polyconvex nonlinear continuum mechanics and convex multi-variable nonlinear electro-elasticity, Swansea University
Also best ECCOMAS PhD thesis of 2016


Konara Mudiyanselage Kosala Bandara, Multiresolution surfaces in shape optimisation of shells and solids, University of Cambridge


Olivier Goury, Computational Time Savings in Multiscale Fracture Mechanics using Model Order Reduction, Cardiff University


Jack Hale, Meshless Methods for Shear-Deformable Beams and Plates based on Mixed Weak Forms, Imperial College


Chun Hean Lee, Development of a Cell Centred Upwind Finite Volume Algorithm for a New Conservation Law Formulation in Structural Dynamics, Swansea University


Sundararajan Natarajan, Enrichment finite element methods: advances & applications, Cardiff University


Patrick Farrell, Galerkin projection of discrete fields via supermesh construction, Imperial College London


Sadok Lamine, Multi-dimensional higher resolution methods for flow in porous media, Swansea University


Tomasz Koziara, Aspects of Computational Contacts Dynamics, University of Glasgow
Also best ECCOMAS PhD thesis of 2008


Mayur Pal, Families of Control-Volume Distributed (MPFA) Finite Volume Schemes for the Porous Medium Pressure Equation on Structured and Unstructured Grids, Swansea University


Chenfeng Li, Stochastic Finite Element Modelling of Elementary Random Media, University of Wales, Swansea


Francisco Manuel Andrade Pires, Issues on the finite element modelling of degradation and prediction of failure in finitely straining ductile materials, University of Wales, Swansea


Wulf G. Dettmer, Finite element modelling of fluid flow with moving free surfaces and interfaces including fluid-solid interaction, University of Wales, Swansea
Also best ECCOMAS PhD thesis of 2004


Suresh C. Seetharam, An investigation of the thermo/hydro/chemical/mechanical behaviour of unsaturated soils, University of Wales, Cardiff


Paul D. Ledger, An hp-Adaptive Finite Element Procedure for Electromagnetic Scattering Problems, University of Wales, Swansea
Also best ECCOMAS PhD thesis of 2002