This is the main conference in the UK offering an annual forum for academics to present their research on developments in computational mechanics, being an ideal opportunity for the fostering of ideas and the establishing of new collaborative research links, helping to build strong research networks within UK and at an international level.

Previous conferences have proved to be successful technical meetings, with their relative informality contributing to extensive discussion and the presentation of new concepts and ongoing research. They are particularly useful events for drawing together people from different disciplines, and providing young researchers with opportunities for presenting their work.

Each year a different UK University holds the event.

The 2024 conference will take place at Durham University. More information available here.

Previous editions of this Conference took place in:

2023: University of Warwick. Chaired by Mohammad Rezania and Mohaddeseh Mousavi Nezhad. Special issue to appear in European Journal of Computational Mechanics.
2022: University of Nottingham. Chaired by Jelena Ninic, Kris van der Zee, Matteo Icardi and Fangying Wang. Special issue to appear in Engineering with Computers.
2021: Loughborough University.
Chaired by Marco Discacciati. Proceedings available here.
2020: The UKACM conference was cancelled due to the Covid-19 emergency. Proceedings available here.
2019: City, University of London. Chaired by Roger Crouch. Proceedings available here.
2018: The UKACM conference was absorbed by the ECCOMAS ECCM – ECFD 2018 that took place in Glasgow (11-15 June, 2018)
2017: Birmingham University. Chaired by Asaad Faramarzi. Proceedings available here.
2016: Cardiff University. Chaired by Tony Jefferson and Pierre Kerfriden. Proceedings available here.
2015: Swansea University. Chaired by Antonio Gil and Rubén Sevilla. Proceedings available here.
2014: University of Exeter. Chaired by Akbar Javadi.
2013: Durham University. Chaired by Ashraf Osman.
2012: University of Manchester. Chaired by Zhenjun Yang.
2011: Heriot-Watt University. Chaired by Omar Laghrouche.
2010: University of Southampton. Chaired by Antonis Zervos.
2009: University of Nottingham. Chaired by Carlo Sansour.
2008: University of Newcastle. Chaired by Mohamed Rouainia.
2007: University of Glasgow. Chaired by Barry Topping.
2006: Queen’s University Belfast. Chaired by Cecil Armstrong.
2005: Sheffield University. Chaired by Roger Crouch.
2004: University of Wales, Cardiff. Chaired by Hywel Thomas.
2003: University of Strathclyde. Chaired by Marcus Wheel.
2002: University of Wales, Swansea. Chaired by Javier Bonet.
2001: Birmingham University. Chaired by Andrew Chan.
2000: Greenwich University. Chaired by Mark Cross.
1999: Durham University. Chaired by Pete Bettess
1998: Exeter University. Chaired by Edward Maunder.
1997: Imperial College, University of London. Chaired by Mike Crisfield.
1996: Glasgow University. Chaired by Nenad Bićanić.
1995: Oxford University. Chaired by Mark Parrott.
1994: Manchester University. Chaired by Ian Smith.
1993: University College of Swansea, Wales. Chaired by Olgierd C. Zienkiewicz.