Open call – Postdoc position in Computational Solid Mechanics (Durham University)

Open call – Postdoc position in Computational Solid Mechanics (Durham University)

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Applicants are sought for this (initially) 3-year post focussing on the development and use of the Material Point Method (MPM) in computational geotechnics. Professors Augarde and Coombs lead an internationally recognised group of researchers developing the MPM for problems involving large deformation, coupled non-linear material behaviour and contact, and have a number of current projects in which the MPM is applied to problems in offshore geotechnics (e.g. ploughing, anchors, cable burial etc.).  If successful in your application you would be joining a growing group of researchers solving fundamental issues in the Material Point Method and will build on the success of previously funded research and development. The successful applicant will be expected to develop a high performance and heavily featured version of the current code used at Durham, AMPLE, and to then use it to explore a number of offshore geotechnics problems including ploughing, foundation installation and decommissioning. The focus of the project will be implementation and use of MPMs rather than fundamental research into aspects of the methods. Full details are at this link

Closing date: 30th November 2022.

Open call – Postdoc and PhD positions (Vanderbilt University, USA)

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The Computational Mechanics and Physics Laboratory ( at Vanderbilt University has open PhD and postdoc positions in the area of computational mechanics with applications to ice sheet-shelf modeling. See details here.

Open call – PhD positions (The University of Warwick)

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Full PhD funding is available for UK/EU candidates at the newly established EPSRC-CDT in Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems (HetSys) at The University of Warwick (UK).
For more details on the HetSys training programme and our current PhD Projects please visit the HetSys webpage or contact us by emailing

New book by J.P. Moitinho de Almeida and Edward A. W. Maunder

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Equilibrium Finite Element Formulations is an up to date exposition on hybrid equilibrium finite elements, which are based on the direct approximation of the stress fields. The focus is on their derivation and on the advantages that strong forms of equilibrium can have, either when used independently or together with the more conventional displacement based elements. These elements solve two important problems of concern to computational structural mechanics: a rational basis for error estimation, which leads to bounds on quantities of interest that are vital for verification of the output and provision of outputs immediately useful to the engineer for structural design and assessment.

A comprehensive treatment of the theory and practice of equilibrium finite element analysis in the context of solid and structural mechanics

Professor René de Borst awarded with the PACM O.C. Zienkiewicz Medal

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Professor René de Borst awarded with the PACM O.C. Zienkiewicz Medal in the category “the Medal for foreign scientists, for their particular merit in the development of computational mechanics in Poland”.

The award ceremony will take place during the Gala Dinner of the 22nd CMM Conference on Thursday, 14 September 2017 in Lublin, Poland.

2017 UKACM Conference

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2016_07_2017ConferenceThe next UKACM conference will take place in Birmingham, 11-13 April 2017.