UKACM PhD thesis award

Every year UKACM awards a prize for the best PhD thesis. Each University is allowed to submit the best computational mechanics PhD thesis from the previous calendar year for the competition of the best PhD UKACM thesis.

Call 2021: UKACM 2021 Roger Owen Prize and ECCOMAS Award for the Best Two Theses in 2021

The Roger Owen prize is awarded by UKACM every year to an individual at the start of his/her scientific career, for a thesis in the ECCOMAS fields of interest, which was awarded in the year covered by the call. The award consists of an invitation as keynote speaker to UKACM’s annual conference and the sum of £500; the winner is also automatically nominated by UKACM for the ECCOMAS Award for the Best Two Theses for the same year (please see here).

If you were awarded a doctoral degree from a UK University or Research Centre in 2021 and would like to apply for this award, then:

  • If your University or Research Centre is represented in the UKACM Board ( then please contact your representative as soon as possible. Each institution will be running an internal selection process, and your representative will let you know how you can be considered. Institutional internal deadlines are likely to be earlier than 1st February 2022.
  • If your University or Research Centre is NOT represented in the UKACM Board ( then please forward to the UKACM Prizes Coordinator (Dr A. Zervos, the following information by 1st February 2022:
    1. Your name.
    2. Your doctoral thesis title.
    3. Your CV.
    4. A short, one page explanation of why their thesis is outstanding.
    5. A URL from where a pdf copy of their thesis can be readily downloaded.
    6. A statement that you agree to be nominated for the ECCOMAS PhD Awards prize if successful and will take care of all submission details.


UKACM Conference Prizes

At every UKACM conference, a number of prizes are awarded to young researchers presenting their work at the meeting. These include:

  • The Mike Crisfield Prize: best presenter amongst all Post-graduate Research Students and Post-doctoral Researchers
  • Best Post-doctoral Researcher
  • Post-graduate Research Students
  • Best Paper Prize: introduced in 2007, the best paper prize is judged before the conference and is based solely on the technical paper submitted.